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Jungle kit

Jungle kit

My airsoft kit for urban games.

Aeg ready for service!

The original AEG was a 14.5” G&P (seen on the bottom most picture)

after 2 years of games in the jungles of the Philippines, the upper receiver, lower receiver, buffer tube finally gave way and had to be replaced.

the only original parts left from that picture are the rail covers, pistol grip (pretty much all the internals) the barrel and the vertical grip.

My airsoft battle rifle.

My mk18 mod0 is taking shape. Paint to follow.

Green Jackets try real steel.

More Airsoft Antics from the Philippines. Helmet Cam footage coming up.

Our Airsoft Team, the Green Jackets. (In Woodland) and “auxiliaries”. non-team members lumped with us for the day. It was a great game.

tactical beard!

hanging out after a good day of airsoft. 


My CQB Kit.

It’s an SDS Ranger Assault Carry Kit or RACK. I only use it for CQB scenarios and other urban settings, because let’s be honest, it’s too damn hot to wear it in the Jungle.

Plus, the way it’s set up, it snags on every damn branch in the way. And it’s damn near impossible to crawl in, without raising your profile by a few vital inches.

That being said,
I’m very happy with it when I do use it.

Upper bib:
1. SDS Medic Pouch
2. 2 ALICE 1911 magazine pouches
3. Medal of Honor Neptune Patch

Lower Bib:
1. 200 rd SAW pouch, containing a day’s worth of food
2. 3 RACK pouches; 2 M4 Mags each
3. 2 SDS CQB pouches; 1 M4 Mag Each
4. 200 rd SAW pouch, used as general utility pouch

(not in pic)
1. dropleg holster
2. 1911 w/ taclight
3. 2 more 1911 magazines on the holster. 

I’d like to share my Jungle kit. It took nearly a year to complete, getting all the necessary pouches and gear.

The base vest is the classic Enhanced Load Bearing Vest (ELBV) with an ALICE belt strung through the provision for the belt.

Duct taped in between the shoulder blades is a Flyye MBITR radio pouch.

From Left to Right:

1. 100 rd SAW pouch —- used as a general utility pouch
2. SDS Molle Canteen pouch —- holds 1L of water
3. 2 200 rd SAW pouches —- one contains my Emergency Medical Kit and the other contains 1 day’s worth of food. 
4. Bianchi pistol holster —- that took awhile to get a hold of
5. 2 ALICE pistol magazine pouches —- holds 2 1911 magazines.
6. 6 M4 Magazines in the ELBV and 2 more magazines in my left pants pocket.

to follow: 2 more 1L bottles, to round it out to an even 3L on my person.

I play most of my airsoft games in the jungle so ventilation takes precedence over protection. another thing that took a long time was sound proofing it. (making sure nothing made unnecessary noise)

If I’m staying out for more than 24 hours, I’ll bring a bag containing more food and more water. 

Hope you guys enjoy looking through it. 

Next up: my CQB (indoor) kit.

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